The AER Exchange programme
Connecting youth, regions, businesses and institutions

Who we are?

The Assembly of European Regions (AER), on the basis of the Founding Texts, implements the programme since its launch in 1985, in partnership with the Regions that are active in Eurodyssey. The AER is responsible for the general framework conditions of the programme as well as its general development and promotion.

On a day to day basis, the Eurodyssey programme is represented by a President and managed by a secretariat, both situated in one of the Regions active in the Eurodyssey programme. In general, the Presidency and the secretariat are assumed by the same Region.

The Eurodyssey General-Secretariat is in charge of the general coordination of the programme partners.

Besides the President of the programme, the Eurodyssey Regions have established political representation through their annual Forum (meeting of the programme’s member Regions, open to future members and interested Regions) and the Eurodyssey Steering Committee. Composed of the most active Regions in the programme, the Steering Committee meets three to four times a year in order to tackle the questions that guarantee the smooth running of the programme in between the Forum meetings.