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Message from Bianca Miruna

Message from Bianca Miruna GAVRILIŢĂ, President of the Eurodyssey Programme.


Eurodyssey has made, over time, a substantial contribution to the European community regarding youth exchanges, employment and skills development. Eurodyssey is and needs to be, for many years to come, an important tool in helping young people improve or develop new skills, exchange experience and ideas, see the world and understand the beauty that lies in its diversity.

We – the grown-ups, we – the parents, we – the politicians, bare full responsibility for creating the premises for young generations to succeed, thrive and thus ensure the progress to a better world. This means we need to create the policy framework and pre-requisites for stimulating the integration into the labour market of young people coming from different social and educational backgrounds, for enabling them to exchange knowledge and interact with different cultures. Eurodyssey is the programme to work on for bringing our contribution and improving the policy for youth as our most important human resource.

I am aware that apart from my own local and regional experience, in order to successfully achieve this goal, I need the support, involvement and committment of all regions alike. Therefore, I will use my position and skills to reinforce the importance of youth policy and to promote young contributions in the policy-making process across Europe.

As the new president of Eurodyssey, I engage myself in fullfilling this valuable duty in a responsible and honourable way and I invite all of you to work with me and contribute to accomplish a visionary mission.

Bianca Miruna GAVRILIŢĂ
President of Eurodyssey
October 2015