The AER Exchange programme
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Eurodyssey’s History

Edgar Faure had a conviction and a vision: a united Europe. He believed that the European construction would not be possible without youngsters and their enormous potential. To stimulate this potential and to foster intercultural dialogue and understanding in a context that would benefit young people also from a personal point of view, by bringing their professional training to perfection, he launched in 1985 the “European Youth Tour”, which later became the Eurodyssey Programme.

As president of the Regional Council of Franche-Comté and founding president of the Assembly of European Regions (AER), Edgar Faure wanted to expand the programme beyond his own Region. Convinced that European Regions have the capacity to develop and carry out their own initiatives, he established Eurodyssey in the framework of the AER.

Looking back at 25 years of existence and more than 10.000 young people placed in traineeships abroad, what started as a small programme is today one of the main assets of the AER.