The AER Exchange programme
Connecting youth, regions, businesses and institutions

Businesses acquire skills from other cultures

Eurodyssey gives businesses and institutions the opportunity to use the skills of a young person trained in another European country. The Eurodyssey exchange programme offer young Europeans work experience and give trainees the chance to assimilate a new culture and language. It makes the economic environment play a part in the training of young people at the same time as opening up to Europe.


How to join the Eurodyssey programme


Open for all


The programme is open for businesses, institutions and organisations, private or public of all sizes and in all fields of economic activity.

In short, the role of you as the welcoming entity is to:

  • Welcome a young European onto your team and draw up a programme for his or her training period.
  • Make sure that the trainee can draw on all his knowledge and has all the skills required.
  • Follow up and evaluate the trainee through a specific supervisor.
  • Endeavour to integrate him into the company’s socio-economic and cultural aspects.



Trainees will either receive a grant or be paid a wage depending on how the Eurodyssey programme is run in the Region concerned.

Eurodyssey is an exchange programme for young people, launched in 1985 by Edgar Faure, at that time President of the Franche-Comté Regional Council and the Assembly of European Regions (AER). The programme is organized under the aegis of the AER and is one of its most representative actions.