The AER Exchange programme
Connecting youth, regions, businesses and institutions

Regions prepare young people for Europe

A region that is a member of the AER Eurodyssey programme may offer its young people the opportunity to acquire professional European experience and to improve their foreign language skills.

The Eurodyssey exchange programme aims to foster a European consciousness, to promote a Europe of Regions and to encourage regional businesses and organisation to offer work placements to young trainees.

How to become a Eurodyssey member


Eurodyssey is an interregional programme.

The basics of participation are:

  • The Region must be a member of AER, the Assembly of European Regions, although membership is not mandatory for the first year.
  • Each Region is free to define its own method for managing the programme, provided that this method complies with the Eurodyssey Statutes and Procedures (ENG / FR).
  • The Region must possess sufficient human and financial resources to carry out the exchange programme with other member regions and must ensure the proper working and coordination of Eurodyssey over its territory and in its relations with the other regions.
  • Each Region finances incoming European trainees and undertakes to send its own trainees to other European Regions. The Region is free to choose its own financing criteria and may request European funds in order to co-finance the system.

Eurodyssey relies upon a network of partners organised between the Regions. The fundamentals are to contribute to the development of European and regional consciousness. The tools for this are exchanges of experience, mutualisation of practices and interregional cooperation.

Eurodyssey – How it works

Eurodyssey is an exchange programme for young people, launched in 1985 by Edgar Faure, at that time President of the Franche-Comté Regional Council and the Assembly of European Regions (AER). The programme is organized under the aegis of the AER and is one of its most representative actions.