The AER Exchange programme
Connecting youth, regions, businesses and institutions

Youth – How to take part

Qualifications needed:

These are the qualifications needed for young people to participate in Eurodyssey:

  • You are aged 18 to 30.
  • Your region is a member of the program.

If you meet the qualifications you will be entitled to:
  • Apply for traineeship offers from businesses and organisations.
  • If your application matches the requirements of the businesses and organisations taking part in the programme, you will be entitled to a 3 to 7 months’ paid vocational training course in a foreign business.
  • There are no special qualifications required, and accommodation, training and operating expenses are financed by the member regions and the businesses or organisations taking part.


Step 1: Check if your region is a member of Eurodyssey

If your region is not currently part of the Eurodyssey programme, please check this AER member regions list and contact your region.


Step 2: Create your profile

When your region has approved your application, you will be given a login to create your Eurodyssey profile. This is the basis for your participation in the programme and allows you, among other things, to apply to traineeships.

(This link is valid only after you have been given your login credentials)

Create your profile


Step 3: Check the offers

Afterwards, check all available traineeship offers and choose the one that best suits you.


If there are no traineeship offers that suit you when you create your profile, remember to add your area(s) of interest anyway.
New opportunities will come up.